The President International Human Rights Movement Rana Basharat Ali Khan is on his way to Geneva from Bristol to participate in the 40 Human Rights Conference at United Nation. Before heads to the airport, he told reporters that he has

Pakistan is here to stay. Long live Pakistan!

Syed Kazam All Adv. General Secretary Human Rights wing. Insaf Lawyers Forum (Punjab) When a country is going through a critical phase, when the threat of war is looming and when there is unusually high uncertainty in the air, it

Turkey President Is Blessing For Muslim World.

Busharat urges more aid for Turkey’s refugee hosting effort For Saiya’s Refugee , I found the mr Hakan Yavuz ERDOĞAN deputy governor as a angel, who helps himself go to Syria everyday and help going camp to campus In a

Four Decades of War in Afghanistan

Qadir Khan Yousafzai. Afghanistan has not been in the midst of war for the past 17 years but for 39 years. The devastating war was brought to the country when Soviet forces attacked and invaded its territory on 27th December, 1979.

Few Lines For Our Women ….… Writing by Asma Tariq.

My dear woman ,I’ve written these lines for You,For Every woman whom ,I meet throughout My life , Specially my mother ,Sisters and friends. And to all the beautiful women Of world and they all are beautiful. Oh ,Dear woman

Why it’s difficult to pass love compliments to your family. ….… Writing by Asma Tariq.

Yesterday  I  was watching a play in which  a child asks  her mother  and father ,  why you don’t say me, I love you .The parents get shocked  and tell their  child  it’s not a film  in which  we need

My Dear Woman ….… Writing by Asma Tariq.

My Dear Woman , I’m  writing these lines For You, For every woman whom I meet throughout My life , Specially my mother Sisters and friends And to all the beautiful women Of world And they all are beautiful. Oh

Moon …… Writing by Asma Tariq.

Let’s become the moon And spread light in the darkness of world, No matter at whatever level you’re , No matter whatever Capability you ‘ve No matter whatever Color and skin you ‘ve, Let’s become the moon  Who never forget

Fate and efforts … Writing by : Asma Tariq

People often ask me how much believe you have in fate and efforts and I  always feel  reluctant to answer the question because  I  can’t deny the importance of efforts by anyways , I believe that most of the things

It’s  Okay with Imperfections … Writing by : Asma Tariq

My biggest problem was, I only satisfied with top ,best  and  whenever I fell down, started yelling and blamed others , myself and  nature for all that. I started  work hard to overcome my deficiencies but still there new deficiencies

Job of a few thousand salary… Written by Asma Tariq. Gujrat

In Pakistan the graduates are in lac but the job vacancies are in thousands that the reason every year there is more than sixty percent graduates are unemployed. So basically we can say that unemployment is the major issue of


 Writing by Asma Tariq. In the darkness of night, I was in my room, sitting at the coach near the window and feeling bad about things, persons and situations. There everything was terrible for me, the darkness, the night ,the

The 11 Secrets of the Success by Brain Tracy.By Asma Tariq

1-Dream Big Dreams. Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls. —MARCUS AURELIUS THE FIRST SECRET is simple: Dream Big Dreams! Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to imagine and fantasize about the kind of

Go Nawaz Go! You Are Responsible For Our Individual And Collective Failures

The writing is on the wall. Nawaz Sharif has been badly injured through Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team. It is almost game over for him, and after reading the JIT report one can easily understand that Sharif is being brought to

Riaz Fatyana.

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan) Riaz Fatyana President Awam League and former Member Parliament said that, Election Commission of Pakistan accepted application of Riaz Fatyana, former two times MNA and Minister for Education and Finance Punjab for revival

Riaz Fatyana.

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan) Riaz Fatyana President Awam League and former Member Parliament said that, shoes serious concern on continues daily blockage of roads surroundings Sugar Mills, due to sugar cane season. Riaz Fatyana said that

Riaz Fatyana.

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan) Riaz Fatyana, President Awam League said that Due to abnormal extended closure of canals (normal annual closure time is 1-31 January every year) and previous rain, flow of rivers has been enhanced.

Riaz Fatyana

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan) Riaz Fatyana, President Awam League said that; Torture on a poor child domestic “slave” Tayaba in house of a judge in federal capital of Pakistan is eye opener for our nation. Rich

PIA plane crashes Junaid Jamshed, wife Nahya, Chitral DC, nine women among 48 dead

PESHAWAR/ABBOTTABAD (DR. GHULAM MURTAZA.NEWS EDITOR HAMARI BAAT PAKISTAN) ATR plane going to Islamabad from Chitral falls on mountains near Havelian; doomed aircraft catches fire midair. All the 48 persons on board were killed when a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight carrying 42

MQM chief will leave a blot on Muhajirs for seven generations: Kamal

KARACHI: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal on Monday said seven generations of Muhajir community will not be able to clear themselves from the blot Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain will leave on their foreheads, ARY News