Pakistan is here to stay. Long live Pakistan!

Syed Kazam All Adv.

General Secretary Human Rights wing.

Insaf Lawyers Forum (Punjab)

When a country is going through a critical phase, when the threat of war is looming and when there is unusually high uncertainty in the air, it is expected of the people to stay united and talk sensibly. Maturity demands that people talk of peace and avoid acting irresponsibly. Pakistan is fortunate to have a responsible leadership whose peace efforts and initiatives are earning them praises from all around. It is heartening to see people from all walks coming forth and expressing their feelings and support for the leadership.

In the midst of this positivity however are few haters and bashers who have apparently vowed to use their time and resources to mock, taunt humiliate and make fun of the government, the Prime Minister, the armed forces, supporters of the ruling party and country in general.This negative mindset is repulsive, to put it mildly. Even at this sensitive time their insensitivity shows how deep-rooted is their hatred for the country.
They are the people who would never utter a positive word for Pakistan and would only spew hate. If supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan puts us in the category of qaum-e-youth, so be it. The cause of Pakistan is far bigger and far more important and central to our existence than these derisive titles. I am a proud Pakistani and a proud supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan not only in this tough moment when he is acting sensibly but also otherwise.

Criticism is acceptable as long as there is substance and the intent behind is positive. When both are absent, one is forced to question the motive behind. There is definitely more than what meets the eye. Fortunately however this sickening mindset is not As rampant and these negative voices are still in minority. I can only hope and pray this minority never becomes a majority and Pakistan remains safe from the evil eyes and mouths of these hateful people. And I do believe that Pakistan is having great leadership and strong Defense by its brave armed forces we should pay thanks to Almighty for such blessings.

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