Fate and efforts … Writing by : Asma Tariq

People often ask me how much believe you have in fate and efforts and I  always feel  reluctant to answer the question because  I  can’t deny the importance of efforts by anyways , I believe that most of the things are sorted out when people sincerely  try to find solution with his best.
But the fate , people says  it’s determined .Successful people  says  you can change your fate  with your  efforts  and person who gets failure  says you can’t  defeat your  fate .I couldn’t  find out what’s the reality  .
 I remember  the  time when  I completely  denied fate  and feel myself responsible for all that loses I got but  with the passage of time  as I’m growing  and observing , my point of  view  changes  as I am dealing with things and situations . Yeah  it’s  true that you have  only one thing  in your hand and that is  effort  .Man is manufactured for efforts and the person who deny the importance of  effort is not the sensible person but the efforts  must be in   proper form and at right place  .But as I  am talking about  fate ,  fate is not the thing  that only  determined what you would  be  and  you can’t also deny it’s existence .
Yeah as with the passage of time as  I am growing   I  feel  that there is  some thing that is  H igher and that also decides  with me what would happen in my life and plans with me what’s better for me.And That’s Nature that also decides  along  us what’s  better  for us with us , when we denied it’s presence  it revolves  us around and around  the thing  we want but at last  remains us empty .And we think  that is happening   because of that and this and blame others and ourselves for that but we are not getting  that particular  thing with all that efforts  yeah possibly our strategies are wrong  but sometime all strategies fail.
We human think we are master of ourselves and  everything but we forget  that we are but there’s someone Who is  also controlling everything and  ourselves even  with the greater power and He is the actual  Master . So it is not bad to decide  your life and want something higher even  it’s the man whom made for higher and man must have higher and greater plans  but with all that planning  he also remember that There is someone  Who is the real Master and man needs His support  .
Without  His support man can’t  do anything thing and ask Him to support you .Tune your connection with the Nature and seek the guidance  that provides you . We are not here to decide what’s  important for life fate or efforts  but remember  man is nothing without  efforts and fate is nothing  without  Master’s will who makes  fate, can also change it  . Life is not easy for any of us but be determined and persistent in you efforts  ,Nature ‘ll supports you .
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