Few Lines For Our Women ….… Writing by Asma Tariq.

My dear woman ,I’ve written these lines for You,For Every woman whom ,I meet throughout My life , Specially my mother ,Sisters and friends.
And to all the beautiful women Of world and they all are beautiful.
Oh ,Dear woman ,you are precious more than the water.Your are younger more than the years.
You are beautiful more than the models.Your are brighter more than the Stars.You‘re stronger more than the iron.
It’s not your colour , your skin,  your complection and your structure which makes you beautiful but your  compassion  and gratitude with which you deal the world .
Do you know ,it’s not the expensive  dresses ,not the jewels and not the diamonds which makes you powerful  but your perseverance with which  you tackle the situations of life and stubbornness with which you hold your family in tough time.
Your are more  than jewels ,you are more than complections ,your are much beautiful with all imperfections. You don’t need to be cosmetic to make yourself model ,you don’t need to be perfect because you are  okay the way you are and you love to be. Dear woman beauty is not defined by how much flesh rests on your bones,but how much compassion is buried in your heart. And the people who  finds you  in skin, in color , in complection , in dresses , in height and weight ,in jewels , in perfection are unaware  with your  actual worth ,they don’t know about the qualities which are hidden under your skin and colour.
They don’t know the compassion  you hold in you and they’re not   the true lovers  who finds you in materialistic things and don’t understand your actual talent and worth, they are not in your life to overcome your miseries but cause  great  disturbance in your life and are continually creating mess in
yourlife ,you just need to  say goodbye to all of them .
Your  smile is more beautiful  than the brightness of moon without any pretend ,you are more colourful than the  flowers of garden without any cosmetic.
This World is nothing without you,because this world is  with you
You are more than the life  and you’re more than Diva. Dear woman nothing ordinary is meant for you. There’s nothing more unfair to you
than convincing yourself that it is okay to accept anything short of extraordinary.Dear lady despite,
love is still worth it.The only love that is worth dying for is the type of love that makes you feel alive. Give yourself more credit, being so stubborn to failure and so attached to perseverance is more admirable than you’ve led yourself to you’re winning, even when there aren’t enough people cheering.People comes to know that she’s full of emotions and feelings;
yet complex. Detailed, yet unexplainable ;Understood,yet complicated.And dear woman you don’t have to be a model,it’s okay to simply be a woman. All natural, all imperfections, all real and even on the cloudy days, you are made to shine my dear woman.

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