It’s  Okay with Imperfections … Writing by : Asma Tariq

My biggest problem was, I only satisfied with top ,best  and  whenever I fell down, started yelling and blamed others , myself and  nature for all that.
I started  work hard to overcome my deficiencies but still there new deficiencies came and all that hurt me. I began to  think that  I am not able for any thing, because I often made mistakes. I wanted myself perfect but I never be .
But then , I started to realize  that I am human who  faces ups and down in life  and  certain response in one  situation cannot decide what I’m.
We make efforts, sometime  they’re fruitful and sometime not but the matter is that  we can’t stop because of one failure it’s against the nature of man.
 We can’t judge ourselves  nor  others just   because of one  situation for all the life  .You ‘ve all flavors   in yourself  , sometime you’re good, sometime not but  the  important  thing is you are still fighting  for yourself, for betterment.
Sometime you’re cool, sometime not
Sometime you’re at top ,sometime not .Sometime you’re angel ,sometime  not .Sometime you’re achiever,  sometime loser
Sometime  you’re lover, sometime hater .All that  are human  emotions that all are in You. You can’t remove  any  one of them but you can balance them with your sensibility.
Richard Carlson said  , Make Peace with Imperfection in his   book ” Don’t sweat the small stuff “. The need for perfection and the desire for inner peace has conflict with each other. Whenever we want something in a certain way better than it is in order to make it perfect then  there conflict starts with inner peace.
We have issue ,we want everything perfect  rather than being thank full for what we have, we focus on the faults that the person and things have and try to fix them  and that fixation mostly cause disturbance and conflicts. When  we focus on the areas that  have faults and are weak rather than accept them the way they’re  that indicates our dissatisfaction  and discontentment.
 Life is not so perfect and it cannot be , the matter is that you can perform better with all these imperfections by improving them but you can’t always be perfect, so it’s OK with faults but they wouldn’t be repeated again and again.
Focusing on imperfection pull us away from our goal of being kind and gentle. Don’t stuck with your imperfections, it just hurts you more and more, just accept the things the way they’re. Because Life is Okay the way it is.
 It’s OK with Imperfections never stop you performing your best and improving the wrongs with life and fixing them but it’s about realizing the fact  that although there’s always a better way to do things but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the things the way they are already  present.
Whenever you habit of perfection insists  that things should be like that and this  just remind yourself life is okay the way it’s. In the absence of our judgment, you will see that things are better the way they’re. When you begin to eliminate the habit of making things perfect you ‘ll get  perfection  in every area of life and inner peace
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