Job of a few thousand salary… Written by Asma Tariq. Gujrat

In Pakistan the graduates are in lac but the job vacancies are in thousands that the reason every year there is more than sixty percent graduates are unemployed. So basically we can say that unemployment is the major issue of Pakistan, indeed there are many reasons behind that the government negligence, over population, wrong strategies, false education  policies  and the corrupt system.

This issue is highly grown up in middle class , the parents throughout the life save money for the better studies of their children and hardly make their children graduated but after all that when times come to receive the reward of their lifetime efforts, they face only unemployment because of a corrupt system. Although it has been the major issue for many years but the current generation is greatly suffering  from this issue. It has become a great mental disorder and unrest among young and reducing the talent of the Pakistan day by day and creating the atmosphere of hopelessness .The unemployed young go far the limits to earn their livelihood and eventually falling prey to malfeasance. Unable to provide for their loved one’s so they adopt the life of a criminal.

On the other hand the major reason behind this is our  education system that   is deeply flawed and don’t meet the present  standard requirements and are just graduating the young. That’s the reason today young  are graduated but Un skilled and unprofessional, they don’t have even the basic skills that are the demand of the present era . They are doing masters but don’t why they are studying, they don’t know what is better for them, they don’t what they want to  be. They are basically topers in their subjects but practically zero; they are good crammers but not good learners .Their education is not providing them any kind of  inspiration  but putting on them the great  burden of a a lengthy course and that the reason they are aimless, they have no plans for their life but a job of a few thousand salary. They are not well prepared in the educational institutions and subsequently upon graduation does not meet the competitive market standards. We need to strengthen our educational system and it’s a good sign that present government is addressing the issue and hope so in future the system would be better and meets the demands.
Along with the system and education there is also a  fault in  public mentality they don’t try to  understand the  potential of their children but follow the trend. There are basically two   career options in middle-class families  , doctor and engineer and  they have  decided it even before the birth of their child .They don’t feel it necessary to ask from their children what they  want to become because they consider them their personal property and a source to fulfilled their unfulfilled desires and they consider it necessary for their children .In return mentally corrupted persons are generated and that are the future of Pakistan.
In Pakistan more than 50% children are born to find the job of few thousands salary and they have no other ideology instead of it nor any second plan .When they don’t get the job , they become desperate and do everything in order to get their right .
Its is very critical situation that every year thousands of business graduates are getting degree from universities but they are very few who started their own business .They study business for a job and market tell them that there is no job then what they do ,nothing but go abroad to do another job . In Pakistan the business scenario is in danger ,first of all there are few business men ,second most of them are uneducated . The educated class is working under the uneducated leaders then how can a change comes  when there remains only one  purpose of education and that is a job of a few thousands salary. We need to improve our mentality with our system, we need to know that the purpose of life is not a job of a few thousand  salary but to build something great for our selves and for country . Our business schools need to understand that business is not only a study and a course of lengthy books  but a skill ,a mind set and we need to develop that mind set in our younger and  if you have that skill ,that mindset  you don’t need any lengthy course.

That’s why the great  business men are mostly uneducated. 

Pakistan has the issue that there younger,  study  study business have no mindset like  like businessman’s the reason they are  searching jobs remain and employees throughout the life.
When the younger will develop the mindset of business with study and start their own business even little they will lead the world and then they will remain no need to wander for a job of a few thousand salary here and there but they will  create jobs for the others.

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