Riaz Fatyana.

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan)
Riaz Fatyana President Awam League and former Member Parliament said that, Election Commission of Pakistan accepted application of Riaz Fatyana, former two times MNA and Minister for Education and Finance Punjab for revival of his election petition against Ch Assad ur Rehman Ramday. Riaz Fatyana challenged result of general elections of May 2013, and filed an election Petition in July 2013. Riaz Fatyana claimed that present MNA’s real brother and retired judge of the Supreme Court Justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday managed to change the result with convenience of then returning officer in NA 94 Additional Session Judge Abid Hussain and later on Additional Session Judge Salman Baig. Respondent MNA Ch Assad ur Rehman Ramday obtained stay order from Lahore High Court against proceeding of Election Tribunal Faisalabad in December 2013 and was able to prolong the stay order for around three years. File of stay order was mis placed from the office of High Court. Meanwhile Ramday family managed to withdraw contract of Election Tribunal Faisalabad Mr. Mahboobi and the case was transferred to Multan. Where again they managed to get contract appointment of their relative named retired Session Judge Shahid Rafique from Sahiwal and he disposed off the election Petition of Riaz Fatyana without any proceeding during stay order of high court. This’s the only pending election petition of general elections of May 2013 in Pakistan on first stage of election Tribunal. Riaz Fatyana claimed that he was elected in NA 94 third time as an independent candidate in 2013. But, result was changed on computer. Only recounting of the ballot papers can declare his position as a winning candidate. Riaz Fatyana said that continuity of Ghost and Rigged elections can destroy trust of people on democracy, judicial system, and human rights in the country. Article 10-A of the Constitution of Pakistan give guarantee from the State for free, fair and transparent judicial proceedings. No nation can survive without justice. There is need for revival of ethics and values based society in the country.

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