Riaz Fatyana

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan)
Riaz Fatyana, President Awam League said that; Torture on a poor child domestic “slave” Tayaba in house of a judge in federal capital of Pakistan is eye opener for our nation. Rich and middle class citizens even educated families in urban and rural areas are habitual to hire children from poor families on nominal sallery. These children served them as a slave. They have lost their right to get education, love from parents and family members, proper food and desire of sports. Child domestic labour mostly face sexual abuse, physical and emotional torture and insult.
I moved a bill on private members day in National Assembly of Pakistan in 2006 and 2010. But, as usual, government was opposed and turned down the bill. At present, there is no specific law available which can protect children to become domestic servant. Awam League demand from ruling classes at federal and provincial levels to change their mindset like rich elite. We should save the children, who are being deprived from their fundamental rights.
(Media section of Awam League).

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