Riaz Fatyana.

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan)
Riaz Fatyana, President Awam League said that
Due to abnormal extended closure of canals (normal annual closure time is 1-31 January every year) and previous rain, flow of rivers has been enhanced. In result, thousands of cultivated crop of wheat is drown in river water on both sides of river belts across the province of Punjab, especially along with river Ravi. This was disclosed by Riaz Fatyana former Member National Assembly and President Awam League. He further said that, on other hand wheat crop is also destroying due to shortfall of irrigated water in canal irrigated areas, due to continuous closure of canals even on February 7, in fifth week. Riaz Fatyana further said that this’s criminal negligence and mismanagement of Punjab Government and its officials from Irrigation and Agriculture departments. Awam League demand from the government to pay compensation to the aggrieved farmers, who’s heavy expenditure on cultivation of crop of wheat like Fertilizer, seed, oil, labour expenses are being lost. Country will also face shortage of wheat this year.

Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor

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