Riaz Fatyana.

Kamalia. (Dr.Ghulam Murtaza. News Editor Hamari Baat Pakistan)
Riaz Fatyana President Awam League and former Member Parliament said that, shoes serious concern on continues daily blockage of roads surroundings Sugar Mills, due to sugar cane season.
Riaz Fatyana said that hundreds of tractor trollies are lying on single or double roads waiting for their turn to get in the sugar mills. Due to negligence of cival administration and overlook of owners of sugar mills, thousands of passengers, students, ambulances, and travellers are facing difficulties and wastage of precious time and Petrol.
So all nearby relevant roads should be widened up to 48 feet or a separate single road reserve for sugarcane trollies should be constructed by sugar mills from their own funds/ profit or sugarcane cess.
He also demand stoppage of 10 percent deduction of weight, full payment of rupees 180 within 15 days according to prevailing Sugarcane Act.
Riaz Fatyana said that price of white sugar has been increased from Rupees 30 to 65 per kilogram. But price of sugarcane is freezes on Rupees 180 per 40 kg, from last five years. Because sugar mills owners are on top leadership of all major ruling and opposition political parties. Agriculturists are on edage of collapse now. Growth rate of agriculture sector is declined to below zero level in PML-N government’s regime. Awam League is main supporter of agro-growers to redress their grievances and complaints.

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